chicken biriyani( our own style)


Finally I made myself some time to sit down and post this recipe. Last week in our work place one of our collegues  got married and we decided to give her a surprise wedding shower . As the only Indian on our unit I decided to take the pride to let my companions taste the Indian food. I was so excited about it and as a chef, my husband agreed to take the leading role this time. I was getting everything gathered for him and cleaning up the mess, washing up etc….The party went really well and so as my biriyani . I was busy after that for a while explaining how it is made and what ingredients and I was so glad..

Let me share with you the recipe


chicken(boneless)        1lb(approximately 1/2 kg)

biriyani rice                  1lb(1/2 kg)

Onions                          2 medium sized

garlic                            4-5 pods

ginger                              1/2 inch piece

green chillies                3

coriander leaves      1/2 bunch

salt                to taste

 water              double the amount of rice used

lime                        1

cashew nuts (fried)   as needed for garnishing

raisins(fried) as needed for garnishing 

oil or ghee                 3 table spoons 

for biriyani masala

cinnamon     1/2 inch stick

cloves           2

cardamom       2

cumin seeds    a pinch

bay leaf               1 leaf

grind together all the spices for biriyani masala


Cut chicken and add salt, 1/ portion of biriyani masala and a few pinches of chopped coriander leaves and bake in the oven until half cooked. wash and cook rice by adding double the amount of water(ie, if using 1 cup of rice add 2 cups of water). grind together garlic, ginger and chillies . slice onion thin. heat oil or ghee and saute the onions until brown. remove 1/2 of the sauted onions for garnishing. to the rest of onions add the ginger/garlic /chillie paste and fry for a few minutes. and then add the 1/2 cooked chicken along with the rest of the biriyani masala and add a little bit of water needed for cooking. add lime juice to chicken once cooked and mix with cooked rice and bake in the oven until all the water is dried out. garnish with the remaining coriander leaves, fried onions , cashew nuts and raisin. This recipe is best served with a boiled egg, lime pickle, pappadum and raita(plain yogurt with chopped onions , chillie and salt)


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4 Responses to “chicken biriyani( our own style)”

  1. The picture looks really delicious!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Saira, The biryani looks delicious!!!!! Am always ready for a biryani anytime!!!

  3. Saira, biriyani adipoli aayittundello. Chicken biryani hit aayirunnu ennu parayenda karyamilla 🙂

  4. The dish looks abolutely fabulous..thanks for sharing..


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