Easy made vegetable biriyani with chicken piralan


I was actualy plannng for chinese fried rice , but as all the needed ingredients were not present this time it turned out to be a biriyani. ( I called it a biriyani simply because I used the biriyani mix to make it). It turned out to be good for the little time it took to make it.here is the recipe


A) For Biriyani:

1) vegetables  ( spring onions, brocoli, carrots and green beans) cut to thin long slices

2) onions     2 no’s chopped

3) green chillies  3 ( chopped)

4) spices:

      biriyani mix      2tsp

      turmeric powder   1/2 tsp

      pepper powder   1/2 tsp

5) ghee or oil       4 tsp

6) biriyani rice    2 cups( approximately 1 lb) – cooked by adding double the amunt of water, cardamom(2), cloves(3) and cinnamon( small piece) and salt

7) salt   to taste


On a wide based pan heat the ghee and saute all the vegetables, onions and green chillies. once the vegetables are tender add the spices mentioned in no 7. Then add the cooked rice and mix thoroughly and serve hot with chicken.

B)for chicken:

1) onions  2 medium sized cut to tjin long slices

2) garlic    6 pods  finely chopped

3) ginger   1/2 inch piece   finely chopped

4) green chillies    3 no’s split

5) curry leaves     3 sprigs

6) tomatoes      3 medium sized    cut to thin long slices

7) chicken     cut to medium size      8 pieces

8) spices  

turmeric powder  1/2 tsp

coriander powder  2 tsp

chillie powder  1 tsp

pepper powder  1/2 tsp

9) oil       3 tsp

10)salt   to taste


Clean and wash chicken pieces. On a pan heat the oil and add the onions, garlic, ginger, green chillies and curry leaves and saute until brown. Then add the spices and when the spices are heated  add the tomatoes and little bit of water.Once the tomatoes are cooked and mixed well ,add the chicken pieces and salt and cook in low flame. Once the chicken is cooked turn the heat up and cook until the gravy is thick and dark brown. Serve hot.


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5 Responses to “Easy made vegetable biriyani with chicken piralan”

  1. first time at your blog – I like it!! I will be returning

  2. forgot to say – great recipe

  3. Thanks saju. That was encouraging….

  4. SO gud of u to laeve dat picture!!! such a gud picture to luk into and drool wen one is fasting during this holy week!!! thanks mate!!

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