meen vevichathu(kerala fish curry)

saira2.jpgThis is my first entry to the blogging world . Thats why I thought of startng with one of my favorite dishes. let me share with you the recipe.


1) fish(I used the fresh whole catfish) cut into thin slices   -2no’s

2)red chilli powder         – 2tsp

3)coriander powder    –  1/2 tsp

4)turmeric powder      – 1/4 tsp

5)small red onions(shallots)        –   2 bulbs

6)garlic               -4 flakes

7)ginger              –  1/2″piece

8)curry leaves    –   2 sprigs

9)coccum(kudam puli)             – 4 no’s

10)salt          –  to taste

11)cooking oil(preferably cocconut oil)         –   3 tsp


a)clean and cut fish into thin slices or steaks b) roast chilli powder, coriander and turmeric c)make a smooth paste with onions, garlic , and roasted spices  d)soak coccum in a little warm water e)chop ginger into fine pieces f)heat oil in a pan and put the curry leaves. g) when the curry leaves splitter add the ground paste and chopped ginger and salt and when it turns a little darker add the fish pieces and coccum and mix together gently.h) pour water to 3/4 the level of fish and bring to boil on high heat and simmer till the fish is tender. pour a little coconut oil over the fish and remove from fire i) cool and pour to a mud pan(meenchatti) if you want to keep it for longer period. this recipe is usually served with boiled rice


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8 Responses to “meen vevichathu(kerala fish curry)”

  1. Saira, welcome to the blogging world. What a great picture. We will make this tonight.

  2. thank you gini. I hope you have tried it and liked it

  3. Yeah we did and loved it. Thanks!!

  4. chechi kidilam… Showed it to my friends.
    God, we are all hungry now

  5. Saira, That was a MOUTHWATERING picture and recipe. Was staring at it for a long time until the moment I realised I was about to salivate!!
    Welcome aboard!


  6. thanks mishmash. That was really encouraging for a newcomer like me…

  7. mouthwatering picture, it will be a good combination for kappa puzhungiyath.. am i right?

  8. thanks prasanth. Yes u r right. what else make a good combination other than and kappa and meen..

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